259 prepared dc-motors, cardboard boxes 140x35x35cm

Zimoun 2014

Motors, cardboard, wire, wood, metal, tape, power supplies. Dimensions: variable.
Installation view: Église Saint-Nicolas de Caen, France.

Curated by David Dronet for ]Interstice[09 Caen. Project management by Ulf Kallscheidt assisted by Benoît Villemont. Studio production assisted by Benoît Villemont, Teddy Laure and Elisa Tangheroni. On-site project management by Thibaut Bellière. Technical direction by Manuel Passard. On-site production assisted by Benoît Villemont, Thibaut Bellière, Maud Dubuis, Horace Barbage, Edith Gallo, Yohann Godefroy, Stanley Obobogo Badoana, Rémi Dufay, Thomas Jezequel, Chloé Malvaux, Nicolas Blanc, Angele Bari, Gabriel Davidson, Léa Chauré and Benoît Razafindramonta. Photographies & video by Zimoun ©. Kindly supported by Normandie Embalages, Patrick Simon / Kafé Crème and Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. 

Video: https://vimeo.com/128687904